CX Management - #Research

Drive loyalty at every point along the customer journey. Capture and analyze signals, predict behavior and create experiences that keep customers wanting more.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics

    Transform text feedback into smarter actions

    Customers broadcast valuable feedback about your business through surveys, social media, review sites and countless other channels. The problem is, much of this feedback is in written form. It’s unstructured, disorganized and hard to analyze at scale. Visible Stars Text Analytics uses machine and human learning to automatically analyze text feedback, so you can understand what matters most to your customers and what you can do about it.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

  • Create dynamic dashboards and leverage a wide range of analytics and insights to provide visibility into the customer experience and sentiment
  • Continuously sync with the organization’s evolving user structure to deliver feedback, insights and alerts to the right roles and users
  • Leverage in-memory analytics to calculate millions of data points automatically to ensure data is displayed in real time across thousands of concurrent users

Journey Optimization

Unify data sources and resolve identity across channels to gain a comprehensive view of customer journeys. Uncover common paths and areas for improvement with powerful query and visualization tools.

Behavioral Segmentation

Group customers by common behaviors, experiences and other attributes to uncover trends and identify priority segments. Use experience feedback to enhance your understanding of all customers in a segment, including the silent majority.

Actionable Insights

Operationalize journey insights by triggering alerts in Visible Stars or workflows in 3rd-party platforms to drive targeted actions. And with its intuitive visualizations and deep analytics, your team will know where to focus for driving experience improvements.

Visible Stars Smart BI for CX

Visible Stars Smart BI for CX

  • Apply AI and machine learning to uncover patterns and trends, analyze journeys and predict customer behavior
  • Suggest actions to improve experiences and maximize business impact

Success Stories

See how customers improve & drive impact