Business & Technology Advisory

Technological innovations are changing and will continue to change every aspect of how we communicate, work, live and learn.

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The organizations which adapt to modern changes faster and better than their competitors shall have clear competitive advantage, high growth potential and make great strides.

Innovation-Driven Enterprises [IDE's] seek new ways to adapt and take advantage of changing market trends. As companies strive to bolster competitive advantage in a complex global environment, savvy business leaders are leveraging technology to accomplish their goals.Bringing together a significant amount of cross-sector technology and innovation experience, our team offers the right expertise to help you develop the solutions and services that are essential for growth in a highly competitive economy.

Soon, an organization's future success will depend on IT delivering tangible value to the business. It will mean transcending day-to-day operational needs to help bring real change.We help you transform your innovation performance for long-term success by combining our technology knowledge with our expertise in strategy creation, solution and technology development processes, and organizational development.

Our experienced professionals can help you rethink how you architect, deploy and manage technology… Our team shall provide information, technical assistance, consulting, mentoring, and other critical services to support enterprises in adopting and deploying new technologies and in commercializing innovations.

Applying best practices in the operation and delivery of technology and innovation services, including attention to outreach, staff capability, long-term engagement, flexibility, organizational stability, and linkage with other services, increases the prospect of program effectiveness and impact.

Our services provide a focus on driving business improvements by implementing change, whether that involves your processes, your technology, your people or your data or commonly, a combination of all four of those factors. At its core, VisibleStars specializes in turning strategy into reality and as part of this we work with our clients to co-create a number of different facets of actionable strategy from market to business strategy and from systems to data strategy.

Business & Technology Advisory Services

Driving the need for an improved user interface is the coming surge of new talent entering into the workforce.

VisibleStars is committed to determining challenges to support your optimal business model. In our customer focused engagements we look at every challenge as different and unique. By utilizing core methodologies we deliver high value through unique solutions. Each VisibleStars solution is tailored to each customer and unique business challenge. VisibleStars Business & Technology Advisory is a practice where knowledge and experience count. Our specialized solutions are focused not just on addressing your pressing business needs, but also on founding long-term partnerships to help resolve your business challenges.

Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Information System Plan
  • Enterprise / Corporate & LOB Strategic Planning
  • Business case and ROI process creation and tracking
  • Investment Review Board Program Design
  • Governance Program Design
  • Translation of strategy into work –transformation initiative program creation

Business & IT Transformation

  • Supply Chain Strategies
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Offshoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • E-Commerce Strategies
  • Strategic IT and Business Roadmaps

Business Planning for Acquisitions / Mergers

  • Merger Services
  • M&A identification, business case and due diligence
  • Merger Integration
  • Identification of target acquisitions or target business/products
  • Benefits Rationalization & ROI Measurement

Change Management

  • Change Strategy & Planning
  • Change Enablement
  • Training & Performance Support

Business Process Management

  • Business Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Business Process Center of Excellence
  • Business Process PMO
  • Business Process Automation
  • IT and Process Consulting

Risk & Regulatory Compliance

  • Basil III Compliance
  • Dodd-Frank Compliance
  • Risk & Data Management
  • Risk Analytics

Information Management

  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Performance Management
  • Data & Information Integration
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Integration & Migration
    • Data Quality
    • Data Modeling