SaaS Support Services

SaaS Support Services provide enhanced support to help increase performance.

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Technical Support

Our Services provide you with the tools you need for a successful cloud partnership. We've added a live chat channel, specialized implementation support teams, a more comprehensive service request dashboard, and proactive service request monitoring—all focused on your personal cloud journey.

Live Chat Channel

Use instant messaging to communicate with us. This feature allows our SaaS Support Services engineers to chat with your primary or alternate contacts for a service request. Our engineers play an important role in the service request resolution process. Using chat helps improve the our SaaS Support Services experience and helps decrease resolution times by answering questions, providing status updates, and offering troubleshooting assistance to help resolve open service requests quickly.

Implementation Support

We understand that implementation is a critical time. Which is why our SaaS Support Services engineers work with your team throughout implementation and stabilization. All service requests during implementation will be directly routed to your implementation team within your chosen time zone. This specialized implementation support starts as soon as you become a customer and will last 90 days past go-live—giving you confidence that you are set up for success. our is committed to providing proper support through this process to help ensure that our customers can reach project milestones on time.

  • Have the latest versions of the operating systems and manufacturers software installed
  • Load and test your specific software applications
  • Perform device cellular activation and SIM card instillation if needed
  • Configure wireless WAN and LAN networks

The main benefits of hiring our support agents are:

24/7 availability Whether it’s a day or night, our friendly team of support specialists is ready to assist your customer right away.

Strong experience For more than 12 years, we’ve been providing companies worldwide with proven customer support solutions customized to their needs.

Advanced technologies Our SaaS support team uses the latest tools that allow us to reply to all users and find the best solutions as quickly as possible.

Full scalability SaaS support outsourcing with WOW24-7 brings you fully scalable solutions that meet your budget.

Customer satisfaction Our friendly agents know how to make your customers happy. We guarantee that no one will be left behind or unsatisfied.

Increased revenue What leads to the growth of revenue? While both customer support and product-use experience are crucial, failing to take care of users can leave you with good software that no one is paying for.