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Become a hub of customer-centric change

The key to your future as a company is transforming strategic insights into customer-centric change. Visible Stars equips research and insights teams with the tools they need to discover CX insights, influence stakeholders, and measure the impact of customer experience management initiatives.

Discover what matters for the customer’s journey

Combine consistent tracking of customer experience metrics with our Ask Now feature to gather targeted insights across your customer journey. Then link that feedback with behavioral data, customer profile information, and operational metrics so you can prioritize the most important opportunities.

Analyze text and comments to diagnose root causes

Analyze comments, chat logs, and other text to understand the story behind quantitative results. Our text analytics engine detects themes, sentiment, and related concepts and allows you to drill down and read verbatims. Rule-based topic definition lets you specify and track concepts over time.

Get everyone on the same page

Spend more time learning and less time managing data and reports. We automate reporting so internal stakeholders get relevant, timely information. From push reports to automated alerts, role-specific dashboards, and permission-based data access, we have you covered.

Measure the impact of innovations and improvements

Measure the impact of customer experience initiatives such as product enhancements or new service processes. Design and track A/B tests using customer experience metrics.

Keep your feedback process running like clockwork

Improve customer engagement and minimize survey fatigue by designing targeted feedback to reach the right customers, in the right format, at the right time. Then, use our Health Check module to monitor the process, from invitation status, to response rates, abandonment rates, and more.


 From Data to Action: Profiling the Modern Insights Team

We surveyed 300 established CX programs and discovered three key capabilities that any customer-centric organization must develop.


“It was Visible Stars that helped us get clarity on what was going on with our customer base. It was illuminating to get feedback that was not based on one or two customer meetings, but on very clear pattern recognition based on thousands and thousands of responses. It was this clarity that helped us define our purpose.”

Ahamed Aslam
GM of Global Customer Success, ASM Technologies

Leading brands that use Visible Stars for Location-based Operations

Key Features

Ask Now

Get feedback on location-based innovations and A/B tests using targeted survey questions and CX reporting for test and control groups.

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Text Analytics

Identify key themes and root causes by analyzing comments, chat logs, and other text that captures the voice of the customer in their own words.

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Key Driver Analysis

Prioritize the most valuable improvement opportunities using impact, correlation, and regression analyses to identify key drivers.


Investigate unexpected trends in your customer feedback data by running cross tabulations to view distributions and see relationships between variables.

Pivot Tables

Get rapid answers by building pivot tables to view scores on multiple dimensions and conduct quick ad hoc analyses.

Significance Testing

See at a glance whether positive and negative differences in scores are meaningful with built-in statistical tests.

Real-time Weighting

Obtain a representative view of your data by running analyses that are in-line with the distribution of your customer base or target demographics.

Cohort Tracking & Custom Groups

Take prescriptive actions on specific groups of customers, locations, or regions by tracking the groups over time and across segments.

Advanced Exports

Easily retrieve precisely the data you need and connect to external systems with self-configured exports, including SPSS-compatible formats.