Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications include both public and private that involve end-to-end transmission of customer supplier information.

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Basic telecommunication services:

  • Voice telephone services
  • Packet-switched data transmission services
  • Circuit-switched data transmission services
  • Telex services
  • Telegraph services
  • Facsimile services
  • Private leased circuit services
  • Others
    • Analog/digital cellular/mobile telephone services
    • Mobile data services
    • Paging
    • Personal communications services
    • Satellite-based mobile services (incl. e.g. telephony, data, paging, and/or PCS)
    • Fixed satellite services
    • VSAT services
    • Gateway earthstation services
    • Teleconferencing
    • Video transport
    • Trunked radio system services

Categories covered by basic telecommunication commitments, unless otherwise specified :

  • local
  • long distance
  • international
  • wire-based (including, e.g. all types of cables and, usually, radio portions of fixed infrastructure)
  • radio-based (all forms of wireless, including satellite)
  • on a resale basis (non-facilities based supply)
  • facilities-based supply
  • for public use (i.e., services that must be made available to the public generally)
  • for non-public use (e.g. services provided for sale to closed user groups)

Our Telecommunications Services

VisibleStars offers hi-end data networks, data security, and unified communications solutions. VisibleStars clients benefit from cutting-edge Telecom Products developed by world's leading vendors: Cisco Systems, Avaya, Juniper Network, Genesis Laboratories, Extreme Networks, Brocade, eXaudios Technologies and HP. Deep expertise and close collaboration with the partners allow VisibleStars successfully perform telecommunication projects for various clients: from small and medium business to core enterprises of different industries and public sector.

VisibleStars delivers wide range of Telecommunication Solutions:

  • Enterprise Data Networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Safe Internet Access
  • Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi)
  • Solutions for Web Traffic observation
  • Network Infrastructure Management
  • Enterprise Telephone Networks
  • Multimedia Solutions
  • Call Centers of any complexity