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Enterprise Computing is distinguishable for its compatibility to various platforms, technology, portals and servers.

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SmartPrise SOA

Our SmartPrise SOA services stands for business agility, performance and interoperability and is a framework to assess, plan and enable the implementation of Service Oriented Business Processes to create Smarter Enterprise through proven and right sized SOA and BPM adoption.

Visible Stars has a strategic multi-platform and multi-vendor approach in providing its SmartPrise SOA offerings, and helps the organizations to

  • Architect and design service enabled enterprise class applications
  • Build novelty BPM models and remodel their existing BPM models
  • Service enable, integrate, enrich their Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Legacy applications through upgrades and migrations

SmartPrise SOA Best Practices

  • SOA Readiness Assessment
  • Take our Complimentary SOA Readiness Assessment
  • Architecting and Designing
  • Data Management
  • Integration

Our strategic partnership with technology majors like Microsoft, IBM, Redhat, Ubuntu and others help us serve our customers with wide range of products based on the customer preference and needs. Our Enterprise 2.0 SmartPrise offerings for enterprises include:

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • BPM
  • SOA-enabled application development

SmartPrise SOA Benefits

Business Paybacks

  • Helps you to increase your customer satisfaction through improved dynamic business services possible using new, speedy and feature rich technologies
  • Quick ROI with reduced operating expenses
  • Bridges and aligns your business with IT
  • More automated processes with reduced manual handling thereby reduced human intervention and errors
  • Flexible and innovative BPM models
  • New innovations on existing BPM activities
  • Speedy business management processes
  • Keeps you on-track with new emerging business trends
  • Optimized solutions and services at incredibly low cost
  • Less turn-around time and faster market reach

Techincal Paybacks

  • Services around decentralized and distributed service oriented architecture
  • Easy Integration and interaction between various components and applications such as
  • desktop application, legacy application, web application, etc
  • Excellent data handling and management practices
  • High performing APIs
  • Highly secured and scalable
  • Easy configuration
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Re-usability of components
  • No implementation and configuration pains

Enterprise Web 2.0/3.0 & RIA

VisibleStars with its strong expertise group provides Enterprise Web 2.0/3.0 Computing Framework solutions through next generation technologies and tools that elevate the enterprises to zenith of success.

VisibleStars's Enterprise Web 2.0 offerings for enterprises include:

  • Architecting, designing, implementing and testing new Web 2.0 application for enterprises
  • Migrating existing applications from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0
  • Migrating legacy applications to Web 2.0
  • Customizing existing Web 2.0 applications for security, profiling and more suited to your enterprise needs
  • CMS (content management system) enabled web applications enabling for easy web updates
  • Service enable and integrate all types of applications-desktop, legacy, Web 1.0, Web 2.0, etc

VisibleStars's Enterprise Web 2.0 Key Benefits

  • Applications with rich and user-friendly interface
  • Customized web services to the needs of an enterprise
  • Web applications which are dynamic and cost effective
  • Enables you to serve your customers faster and better
  • Easy access for customers and users from any remote place through web
  • User interface enriched with AJAX, RIA, mashups etc providing sophisticated features like instant data validation, drag and drop of widgets and flash components, etc
  • AJAX enabled applications for faster and timely data updates and refreshment
  • Web applications with efficient interaction between the database and interface layers tuning data refreshments to a block, field or screen, etc
  • Distributed architecture enabling integration between various applications, data sharing, remote accessibility and usability
  • Re-usability of components
  • Modularization allowing for easy handling, enhancement, modifications, etc
  • Language enhancement by using latest and greatest feature rich versions
  • Highly secured and good performance capability
  • Simple configuration procedures
  • Easy and faster implementation

SmartPrise Visual Commerce

SmartPrise Visual Commerce is a stand-alone application that provides seamless integration with mutliple applications and social networking sites and is a flexible platform for enhancements and customizations.

VisibleStars’s SmartPrise Visual Commerce is the interactive online video management platform designed to enable the users to effectively upload and manage videos, which is built based on Adobe Flex and supported by RTMP & HTP. SmartPrise Visual Commerce supports commercial and open source media servers and video postings in any format which includes .AVI, .MPG, .MOV and .FLV.

VisibleStars has designed SmartPrise Visual Commerce to provide enterprises an innovative demonstration, marketing and selling platform for their products with its unique rich and user-friendly features such a auto-tracking, context sensitivity, object marque, rating, sharing and more.

Conventionally, the comments & ratings for a video are managed and driven by the web page carrying the video posting. But SmartPrise Visual Commerce enables for a MaaS (Media as a Service) platform where the videos are user interactive and managed to act as a trail on their history, by having rating and comments posted by users being embedded on the video itself.

Key Features of SmartPrise Visual Commerce

  • Upload, download, play and convert videos to preferred formats
  • Real-time streaming and playing of videos supported by RTMP & HTP
  • Rate and comment on videos
  • Share videos with other users and social networking applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Supports tablet PCs and smart phones such as iPads, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Google Android G1 phones, Symbian and Brew devices
  • Administrative and user control panels to administer and manage user access rights to perform various activities for a video
  • Marque a product or object in a video and make it context sensitive for e-Commerce enablement and integration
  • Tracking a product or object in the video
  • Generating reports on the various activities performed on the video
  • Seamless integration with active directory and open ID (Single Sign-On)
  • Multiple deployment models: On-premise, Cloud & SaaS-based hosting

Key Benefits

  • Interactive and gives the users a real time collaboration experience with the videos
  • Integration with e-Commerce applications enables the users to make instant online purchase of the object or product portrayed in the video
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • Its support for RTMP & HTP streaming provides real-time play and greater performance
  • Mobile and cloud enablement provides anytime anywhere access over various mobile devices and tablet PCs
  • Greater interoperability with social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & more provides faster reach to the market through networking
  • Multiple deployment models and faster implementation process
  • Administrative panels ensure secured and user-based privileges to access and manage videos

SmartPrise Cloud

SmartPrise Cloud increases profitability by improving resource utilization and costs are driven down by delivering and leveraging appropriate resources only for the time those resources are needed.

In today's global competitive market, companies must innovate and get the most from its resources to succeed. This requires enabling its employees, business partners, and users with the platforms and collaboration tools that promote innovation.

VisibleStars’s SmartPrise cloud offer enterprises offers Cloud Computing infrastructures, which are next generation platforms that can provide tremendous value to companies of any size. VisibleStars’s SmartPrise Cloud help companies achieve more efficient use of their IT hardware and software investments and provide a means to accelerate the adoption of innovations.

SmartPrise Cloud increases profitability by improving resource utilization and costs are driven down by delivering and leveraging appropriate resources only for the time those resources are needed.

VisibleStars has partnered with industry-best cloud providers - Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Canonical Ubuntu, OpSource, RightScale, Rackspace, Google & VMWare - and helps the enterprises to host their applications in Private, Public and Hybrid environment of these vendor cloud products in a cost effective manner.

VisibleStars’s SmartPrise Cloud offerings include:

  • End-to-End services in building, managing and deploying in private, public & hybrid clouds
  • Solutions & Services built on industry-leading cloud products like IBM Cloud, Amazon, VMware, OpSource& more
  • Establishing cloud reference architectures and framework
  • Consulting & Implementation services
  • Post Implementation Maintenance & Support

Key Benefits

  • Expertise resources with in-depth knowledge on working with different cloud products
  • Proven track record in building and delivering cloud-based solutions and services
  • Neutral vendor alignment enabling enterprises to choose their preferred vendors
  • Faster implementation & Roll-out saving the implementation cost to a considerable amount in terms of effort & time spent
  • Complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment, TCO analysis & Pilot deployments on case-by-case basis
  • Value-added suite of services that includes BPM & SOA-enablement
  • Round the clock customer support

SmartPrise SocNet

VisibleStars’s SmartPrise SocNet is the Next Generation Collaboration and Knowledge Management solution for enterprises to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and interaction among its employees. VisibleStars’s SocNet solution provides the business managers access to right information at right time through collaborative platforms within and across the organization at inexpensive cost.

Our Collaboration and Knowledge Management solution built on Web 2.0 technologies can help your organization gain immense potential through knowledge promotion, thought exchange and innovation, turning out to bring huge business opportunity for your enterprise. Our SocNet solution can help your organization build social computing tools like Blog, Forums, Syndications and more through which you can express your organization’s vision, ideas, innovations, strategic value and leadership insights to the world. Our expertise in open source technologies and commercial products can help you build social computing portals at reduced cost.