Visible Stars

Admin Suite

Ground control for your customer feedback programs

“In addition to its top-notch capabilities, Visible Stars has been a great partner. They are always looking for ways to advance our program and improve upon our success.”


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Learn how to build dashboards and share with relevant users, as well as evolve surveys over time with new questions and logic.

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Take Control of What Matters

Quickly update reports and surveys to provide precisely the insights the business needs.

Be a Responsive Hero

Run ad hoc research to add deep dive clarity to your programs.

Act with Confidence

Make program updates with enterprise-grade controls and staging environments to ensure all changes do what they’re supposed to do.

Get the Organization Addicted

Drive engagement with purpose-built reports and mass customization down to the individual level.

Power to innovate across thousands of users

Report Builder

Build dashboards and share with the relevant users

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Survey Builder

Evolve surveys over time with new questions and logic

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Digital Administration

Engage with customers through web, mobile, and in-app surveys with Visible Stars Digital

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Innovation Testing

Dive deeper into customer feedback and test new concepts by asking targetted questions to the precise customer segment or location with Visible Stars Ask Now

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API Technologies

Connect other systems in real-time with Visible Stars Integration Layer

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Ad Hoc Surveys

Quickly and easily collect point-in-time feedback from custom audiences to add deep dive value that complements your operational programs

User Management

Add or modify user accounts directly in the system

Safety Controls and Sandboxes

Safely test and administer your program with production-grade sandboxes and easy production migration


Access feedback in multiple ways and retrieve the precise data needed