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Mobilize your organization around the customer

Your organization is counting on you to do extraordinary things. To reimagine the experience. To transform the culture. To build new enduring capabilities. To help the organization consistently deliver remarkable experiences. To help drive growth and continually win. Visible Stars knows how to help. We are the feedback backbone of many of the world’s most loved brands as well as those driving successful CX transformation.

CX Community

We hold annual conferences, regional events, user groups, best practice webinars, and develop CX research white papers to keep you connected to the latest thinking and informed on the latest research. Visible Stars is also a Platinum Sponsor of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Understand performance across the entire customer journey

Say good-bye to fragmented and siloed customer data across your company. Visible Stars makes it easy for you to monitor your customer’s experience across the entire customer journey by bringing together multiple data sources into one unified view. Solicited feedback, online reviews, chat logs, clickstream data, and operational measures all come together in Visible Stars Experience Cloud™.

With Visible Stars Customer Insights, align your teams with your customers’ success

Loyalty leaders create a customer-obsessed culture where all employees are active in delivering and improving the customer experience. Customer insights are now distributed throughout the entire organization inspiring all employees to take action. Visible Stars Experience Cloud delivers relevant customer feedback and reporting in a format that supports the insights each role needs to take action that matters to the customer.

Put the customer in the palm of your employees’ hands

Mobile devices have changed everything. Accessing information and direct communication has never been easier. Our CX mobile apps, Visible Stars Mobile and Visible Stars Voices, allow busy employees anytime, anywhere access to critical customer information with the ability to respond immediately.

Make it easy for employees to take action and respond to customers

Visible Stars Experience Cloud enables employees to take timely action based on real-time feedback and insights. Dynamic syncing with your organizational data ensures the appropriate customer feedback flows to the right internal owner, in real-time. Experience Cloud provides visibility into how the organization is responding to customers and allows CX leaders the ability to set alert rules, assign accountability and escalation paths, manage responses, and capture outcomes.

Prioritize strategic investments to maximize customer impact

Have confidence that the key areas of focus will drive meaningful change in the customer experience by using Visible Stars’s top-ranked analytical tools. Whether it’s qualitative or quantitative data, Visible Stars Experience Cloud helps you analyze experiences at multiple levels, from the overall relationship to specific journeys, channels, touchpoints, and predict the impact of improvements using statistical regression and text analytics.


It's make or break time

The CX Tipping Point study surveyed over 8,000 consumers in four countries to find out why experiences matter more than brand promise.

“One of the beauties of having all the feedback in one source, is really you can put that feedback into the hands of people who can action it.”

Abdullah Al Hindh
Head of Customer Experience

Leading brands that use Visible Stars for CX Professionals

Key Features

Insights Suite

Find CX insights quickly and prioritize the most valuable improvement opportunities using statistical and regression analysis.

Text Analytics

Identify key themes and root causes by analyzing comments, chat logs, and other text that captures the voice of the customer in your customer’s own words.

Ask Now

Get feedback on innovations and A/B tests using targeted survey questions and reporting for test and control groups.


Put customer feedback in everyone’s hands so your teams can stay connected and respond to customers from anywhere, anytime.

Health Check

Monitor the health of your program by evaluating the performance of your survey programs, sample, and customer engagement.

Closed-Loop Action

Reinforce customer relationships with real-time alerts and feedback management workflows that help put out fires quickly and prevent future issues.